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Submitting Your Vaccination Status From the Web Browser


Accessing the Vaccine Reporting Tool

Navigate to and sign into your ServiceNow account. You can do this by using you Microsoft 365 credentials – the same username and password for logging into your email account. Once signed in, open the Vaccine Reporting Tool.

You may also reach the Vaccine Reporting Tool by following this link:

Here, you will be able to upload pictures of your vaccination card and enter details on your vaccine doses.

Submitting and Updating your Vaccination Status

Once on the Vaccine Reporting Tool in mobile or in the web browser, simply enter data in all the required fields and click the “Save” button.

You should see a message at the top of the page confirming the dose and vaccination has been created. The page will automatically update to reflect these changes.

If your vaccine type requires two doses, you may come back to this page at any time and add the dose. The page may look something like this:

You may also return to this page to update any of the info, including the images, at any time.

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